Week 15

Mar 30, 2021

Hi team,
This week the big focus is the release of our new brand. Well done to all the people who worked hard on this release—can't wait to see it live.

News of the week:
Julie is joining the Product team
Marc is joining the Marketing team
Goal this week: Release our new brand
Growth of the week: +5%

Product update by @Laure Albouy

Last week was focused on getting the last updates for the brand done. This week we're focused on the next priorities: new templates and integrations. Here's a five minute overview:

Sales & Marketing update by @Adrien Taravant

The teams are getting ready for the big launch on Tuesday. Everything from social, to emails to customers are ready to fire. Here's what to expect this week:
Social media campaign
Blog post explaining new brand
Email sent out to our users

Have a great week everyone,
Chris, CEO