New onboarding flow

Background & research

40% of new users aren't activating. By reviewing our onboarding flow we'll help teams better understand the value of the product and activate faster on Slite.

Problem statement

As a new user, I am trying to get started with the product. But I don't understand the features and the product because nothing is explained to me which makes me feel like I don't know how to use the tool at all.


Increase user activation by 10%


If we review our onboarding to help users, then we will retain more users leading to positive activation results.

Vision narrative

We ask users about themselves in order to give them more personalized information to help them get started.


Decide the questions we ask users
Personalize how we cater to each different types of users
Plan for the content
Build and ship the new flow

First mock-ups

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Open questions

How will we measure this?
How do Marketing and Product work on this together?

Technical factoring

Engineers can estimate the project to plan for code structure and specific technical choices.
async fn quick_task() -> Result<&'static str> {
println!("START quick_task");
await!(delay(10)).context("delay failed")?;
println!("END quick_task");
Ok("quick_task result")