Product specs template

Background & research

Explain the context behind why we are doing this project. Data is a great source of insight.

Problem statement

As a who, I am trying to outcome/job. But problem/barrier because root cause which makes me feel emotion.


List goals
What success looks like


If we achieve/enable X, then user behavior Y changes in this way leading to positive metrics Z.

Vision narrative

Outline the user journey. Include sketches, user flows or even videos to illustrate your points.
Sketches cannot currently be displayed in exports


Explain the solution is, how it works and the extent of the work involved.
Future evolutions
Out of scope

Designs and assets

Figma project link, hi-fi mockups, SVGs, font files, images, prototypes...

Open questions

E.g. is this part of the free plan?

Technical factoring

Engineers can estimate the project to plan for code structure and specific technical choices.
Fill code snippet